New York Times’ Annie Karni Chuckles at Rudy Giuliani Butt-Dialing Reporter: ‘It’s Almost Farcical’


The New York Times’ Annie Karni laughed at “walking conflict” Rudy Giuliani, calling it “farcical” that’s he back in the news because he butt-dialed a reporter for NBC News.

Karni was appearing on MSNBC’s Up Saturday morning, where moderator David Gura asked her “Rudy Giuliani is still proclaimed by this president to be his personal attorney. How should we view that? How should we listen to that tape in light of the role he’s playing in this administration today?” after playing audio of Giuliani talking about needing money.

Karni said it should be viewed with “great humor.”

“Even when Giuliani is sidelined from television and not supposed to be speaking for the president and a reporter doesn’t pick up the phone because he’s sleeping, you still get a three minute voicemail from Giuliani talking about how he needs money. It’s almost farcical,” she said.

“He’s wearing a lot of different hats, he is the president’s lawyer, he’s also functioning at some points as a shadow Secretary of State, at some points he’s doing his own business dealings. So Giuliani is a walking conflict himself,” Karni continued, noting a number of Trump’s officials have tried to distance themselves from him – with the exception of President Donald Trump.

“It’s just interesting to see how Trump is still standing by him when so often when aides have legal problems of their own the president is the quickest to distance himself and say ‘I barely know this person.’ We have seen that pattern play out so often,” Karni said.

“So far Rudy Giuliani still has one very loyal backer and that’s Donald Trump,” she concluded.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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