NY Times Columnist David Brooks: Trump is the ‘Greatest Con Man in American History’

Right-leaning New York Times David Brooks — never the biggest fan of President Donald Trump — came with possibly his most blistering critique ever following his paper’s expose on the commander-in-chief’s tax returns and business losses.

Appearing on Andrea Mitchell Reports, Brooks pulled no punches in his assessment of the President’s past as a businessman.

“He is the greatest con man in American history,” Brooks said. “And this is before he became president. He conned us all into thinking he was a successful businessman. And then later when people realized he was not a successful businessman, he conned people into electing him president.”

Brooks went on to spell out one particular money-making gambit of the president’s — one which the Times columnist called out for being ethically questionable, to say the least.

“He did it through a lot of nefarious ways,” Brooks said. “Some ways he raised capital by just threatening to take over companies. And until people realized it was just another Trump hoax, he would make some money. The price would go up, and he’d sell.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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