OAN Asks Kayleigh McEnany if Trump Would ‘Welcome’ Defamation Suit From Scarborough


White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, on Thursday, was asked if President Donald Trump would “welcome” a defamation lawsuit from Joe Scarborough by OAN’s Chanel Rion.

Throughout the week, Trump repeatedly advanced the groundless conspiracy theory that Scarborough murdered Lori Klausutis while she worked for him as a congressional staffer. This has been a source of torment for Klausutis’ widowed husband, who has begged Twitter to delete Trump’s tweets for how they “perverted” her memory.

At Thursday’s briefing, Rion asked McEnany “if Joe Scarborough were innocent, couldn’t he sue the president for defamation? And then, in turn, couldn’t President Trump’s attorneys immediately depose Joe Scarborough and allow him to go under oath and explain how this 28-year-old woman was found dead by his desk with multiple skull fractures? Would the president welcome a defamation suit from Joe Scarborough?”

McEnany punted on the question by referring (once again) to an old interview Scarborough gave to Don Imus, during which, he went along with it while the radio host cracked jokes about dead interns. Neither the president, nor his administration, has produced any evidence to dispute the autopsy results that Klausutis’ death occurred because an undiagnosed heart condition caused her to hit her head.

Watch above, via C-SPAN2.

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