Trump Defends Conspiracy Attacks on Joe Scarborough, Bizarrely Suggests Lori Klausutis’ Family Agrees With Him (They Do Not)


Reporters pressed President Donald Trump on his ongoing series of personal attacks on MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, which have included promoting a baseless conspiracy theory that the Morning Joe host was nefariously involved in the death of his former staffer, Lori Klausutis. In fact, she died of heart failure after an apparent, self-inflicted accident.

During a Rose Garden press briefing, Reuters correspondent Jeff Mason brought up the smear campaign Trump has been conducting against the MSNBC host.

“Yeah, a lot of people suggest that,” Trump said, failing to name a single person who has pushed the debunked conspiracy theory besides himself. “Hopefully some day, people are going to find out. It’s suspicious. Sad, very sad and very suspicious.”

When Mason trend to follow up by asking about a Klausutis’ widower wrote to Twitter last week, pleading with the social media company to remove the offending tweets because the president has “perverted” the memory of his late wife, Trump quickly moved on to another reporter. But the next one he called on asked about the same thing.

“Mr. President, though, have you seen the letter that was written by her husband begging Twitter to delete your tweets, talking about how hard it’s been for his family, to deal with it?” the second reporter asked. 

“Yeah, I have,” Trump quickly replied. “I’m sure ultimately they want to get to the bottom of it and it’s a very serious situation,” he claimed, bizarrely suggesting that the same family condemning his false claims about Klausutis’ death also simultaneously support his false claims about her death being the result of foul play. “It’s a very suspicious thing and I hope somebody gets to the bottom of it. It will be a very good thing.”

Watch the video above, via Fox News.

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