Outnumbered Panel: Why Isn’t Rubio ‘Owning’ Times Financial Criticism?

foxThe New York Times has been in a several-day tussle with Marco Rubio (R-FL) over the GOP candidate’s finances, and the hosts of Fox’s Outnumbered wondered Wednesday morning why he didn’t embrace the criticism as proof of his everyday-man status, especially in comparison to wealthy would-be opponent Hillary Clinton.

“I think he could have owned it a little bit more,” co-host Sandra Smith said. “‘I’m spending money on my family. I don’t have a lot in savings, but I have a young family. I have bills to pay still.’ Put yourself out like the average American trying the best you can.”

“This is a political winner,” Kennedy agreed. “How many families have credit card debt, student loan debt, small children and are still struggling, going, ‘Maybe I should open a college savings account’?…After 2008, when a lot of people took a financial hit, they’re gonna look at someone like Marco Rubio and say, ‘Oh yeah, maybe he is just like me.'”

Watch the clip below, via Fox News:

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