Paul Ryan Brushes Off CNN’s Manu Raju After Round of Memo Questions: ‘You’ve Asked Enough’


It was a given during his press conference this morning that House Speaker Paul Ryan was going to get asked about the House Intelligence Committee’s party-line decision to release the controversial Nunes memo. And early on, Ryan got a bit snippy with a reporter who pressed him on the issue.

After wrapping up his prepared remarks, Ryan called on CNN’s Manu Raju, who immediately asked the speaker why it was okay for Republicans to release the GOP memo without giving the public the corresponding Democratic memo.

“We have to follow the process as the process is laid out and that’s precisely what is happening,” Ryan responded. “I would remind you the Democrats tried blocking the rest of the members of Congress from even having access to the memo that the majority wrote. yesterday, the majority voted to provide access to the Democrats’ memo.”

With Ryan repeatedly stating that they are following the process, Raju wanted to know why they just don’t hold the Nunes memo back and wait to release everything at the same time. The speaker noted that Republicans are confident they are protecting sources in the document while again stating they are following the process.

When Raju tried to press Ryan one more time about why they don’t just wait to release the memo, Ryan snapped back.

“You’ve asked enough,” the congressman stated, moving on to another reporter.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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