Phil Mudd: FBI Does Not Have A Duty to Re-Open Investigation Into Kavanaugh Allegations


CNN’s New Day regularly features the insights from former G-man (and CNN contributor) Phil Mudd. Today, however, his experience as a former FBI agent was particularly informed, and his insights surrounding the recent allegation of sexual assault brought to light on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh may have surprised regular CNN viewers.

The topic at hand is whether or not the FBI should re-open the background check into Kavanaugh in light of the allegations brought forth by Christine Ford, which her lawyers are insisting occur before she testifies. The political context of this dust-up? Senate Republicans are eager to proceed and confirm their nominee before midterm elections can muck up the process. Senate Democrats are eager to take their time, in the name of a thorough investigation, and perhaps derail the nomination.

So, does the FBI have a new duty to re-open their background investigation?

A longtime critic of President Trump, Mudd may have surprised CNN viewers that tune in for Trump animus when he said: “I don’t believe they have a duty to do this.”


Mudd then cautioned against what he sees as the irresponsible political weaponizaton of the Department of  Justice. “Be careful of politicians to say who should or should not investigate,” he said, adding  ” We have politicians once again saying we want to use our department of justice, Democrats have one view and Republicans have another to re-open an investigation that we initiate. I know this is a sensitive case but I would be cautious about allowing politicians to direct the department of justice and the FBI about what to investigate and what not. I don’t want politicians telling the FBI what to do.”

Those eager to hear Mudd make his predictable critique of Donald Trump were not disappointed when he finished by calling out Commander in Chief. “The right answer in a mature world would be the Executive Branch —  the man that leads that branch –the president of the United States might go to the department of justice and say can’t we conduct a fair conversation with three people related to the situation behind closed doors, and keep it a closed-door investigation and come up with an answer in several weeks.”

But that’s not going to happen.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of CNN.

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