Phil Mudd Goes Off About Nunes Memo on CNN: ‘I’m Going to Break the Camera’


On CNN’s Out Front, host Erin Burnett spoke with a panel, including former CIA operative Phil Mudd, about possible collusion between Rep. Devin Nunes‘s staff and the White House.

When asked if he thought there was collusion between the two, Mudd freaked out and said that there could be no doubt that someone at the White House at least knew about it.

“Give me a break. I’m going to break the camera here in a moment, Erin,” he said.

It’s an impressive rant, so here it is in full:

“Have you ever worked in Washington D.C.? I’ve worked at the highest levels of the FBI, the CIA, I’ve worked on the National Security Council in the White House,” he continued. “In the midst of the highest profile investigation of political corruption we’ve seen since the 1970s, in the midst of a precedent of cooperation between the Congress including Devin Nunes and the White House, do you think it was a secret that congressional officials were preparing a memo of this import and nobody knew at the White House? You gotta be kidding me. I’m going to tell you the moon’s made of green cheese. I’m not saying there was cooperation, I’m not saying there was collusion. I’m saying in that small town of Washington D.C., that to suggest that nobody at the White House knew that congressional staffers were discussing a memo of this import, that’s ridiculous. It’s not about whether Devin Nunes coordinated, it’s whether somebody knew over a cup of coffee and talked about it, and to tell me they didn’t is just stupid.”

Mudd has become rather notorious for having delightful mini-meltdowns on television. There was the time he called Sen. Rick Santorum “Mr. Politician,” and the time he said Donald Trump has “the empathy of a cockroach.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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