Presidential Historian on CNN: Trump is ‘Unfit for Command’


Presidential historian Douglas Brinkley said that President Donald Trump is “unfit for command” in an appearance on CNN’s Reliable Sources.

After Brian Stelter asked Brinkley to help explain what is going on in the White House, the historian and Rice University professor said “it’s in utter disarray.”

“And you can’t really compartmentalize everything, because it’s all morphed together as Donald Trump unfit for command in my opinion,” he said.

“Let me be clear, you just said he’s unfit for command?” Stelter asked.

“I think so,” Brinkley replied. “I think when you have a White House communications director that uses the kind of foul language that [Scaramucci] does against fellow employees of the federal government, and makes threats the way that he did and that’s supposed to be your solution to the United States’s way they’re going to communicate with the world, it means Donald Trump picked the wrong person to be his communications director.”

“He has a White House that’s leaking like crazy,” he continued. “As just mentioned there are people ready to whistle blow.”

“He thinks that you can govern by chaos, and it’s not working,” Brinkley added.

Brinkley continued that Trump still has 36% support from voters, but pointed out “that means over 60% of Americans think that he’s doing a miserable job and the rest of the world is laughing.”

“We have a crisis in North Korea and we’re playing these reality TV wrestling games, because Donald Trump was weaned and raised on television.”

He then compared Trump’s tweets to President Nixon’s ramblings on the Watergate tapes — “and it didn’t turn out well for Nixon,” he said.

Brinkley concluded by noting that “the key to Donald Trump is just this kind of blind, fierce loyalty.”

“That’s what Franco expected in Spain, that’s what Mussolini wanted in Italy,” he said, before noting that “it’s a failed agenda so far.”

“It’s been a wreck,” Brinkley concluded.

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