‘Pretty Serious Failure’: GOP Rep. Charlie Dent Blasts Trump Team Over Flynn


Republican Congressman Charlie Dent took the Trump team to task on Wednesday’s CNN Tonight over their judgments surrounding former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn.

“I think that’s certainly a pretty serious failure,” Dent said.

Moments earlier, the representative underlined that, “it speaks to the vetting. Certainly, I would think, whoever is doing the vetting, you know, failed in that case.”

Anchor Don Lemon pointed out two new reports on former General Flynn from the New York Times and McClatchy which detailed how the former Trump advisor was paid $600,000 by a businessman close to the regime of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Rep. Dent initially replied with his “vetting” answer, and added that “the person being considered for the position has openly acknowledged that he was under some type of an investigation.” Lemon interjected, “But if they tell you, that’s not necessarily vetting, right? You don’t have to dig that up. He’s telling them.”

The CNN anchor followed up by asking, “What does that say about the President’s judgment, to be this close to someone who has so many red flags?”

Rep. Dent answered, “I, like many others, questioned that appointment. I had heard from a number of folks who thought this was not a great appointment in General Flynn. Clearly, those concerns were borne out. You know, people make errors in judgement.”

The Pennsylvania Republican also emphasized that the President “appointed a lot of very good people in the national security team.” However, he returned to his main point.

“In the case of Flynn, clearly, they made an error in judgment; and they’re paying a heavy price for it.”

Rep. Dent’s remarks can be watched in the video above, via CNN.

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