Art of the Deal Ghostwriter: Trump Has to ‘Figure Out a Way to Resign’

Hours after the announcement of Robert Mueller‘s appointment as special counsel probing Russian interference in the election, CNN’s Anderson Cooper spoke with Tony Schwartz, the ghostwriter of President Donald Trump‘s perennial best-seller, “The Art of the Deal.”

When asked by the CNN host how he thought Trump was handling the steady stream of scandals that have engulfed his nascent administration, Schwartz delved deep into the president’s psyche:

There is no right and wrong for Trump. There’s winning and losing. And that’s very different from right and wrong. And right now he’s in pure terror that he is going to lose.

And by the way he is going to lose.

I surely believe that at some point over the next period of time he’s going to have to figure out a way to resign and the reason he’s going to do that as opposed to go through what could be an impeachment process, or a continuing humiliation, is that he wants to figure out a way — as he’s done all his career — to turn a loss into a victory.

And so he will declare victory when he leaves.

Watch above, via CNN.

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