Pro-Trump CNN Guest Blasts McCain For Not Wishing Melania Trump Well: ‘The Bad Blood Goes Both Ways’


The saga of White House aide Kelly Sadler continues.

Ever since Sadler made comments in a private meeting dismissing Sen. John McCain as “dying,” the news cycle has revolved around the White House’s bizarre inability to both apologize for the comments and stop leaks about the inside efforts to contain the fallout.

Women Vote Trump co-chair Amy Kremer appeared on CNN’s New Day with political commentator Ana Navarro to discuss the White House’s latest comments on the controversy.

Kremer questioned whether Sadler even made the comments she has apologized privately to Meghan McCain for, before criticizing the Arizona senator’s daughter for making “a big deal out of it to the public.”

“I think the whole thing should be dropped, I don’t think that we should continue on with this,” Kremer said.

The pro-Trump guest then brought up Monday reports about Melania Trump and former Democrat Senator Harry Reid‘s medical operations — asking why John McCain, who is currently battling an aggressive brain cancer, did not wish the first lady well on Twitter.

“Yesterday when the news broke about Melania, two minutes before I had a breaking news alert about Harry Reid on my phone. Two minutes later the news alert came about Melania being in the hospital,” Kremer said. “As of this morning right before we went on air, John McCain had tweeted to Harry Reid to get better. Not one tweet to Melania. So the bad blood goes both ways. Don’t pretend that this is only going one way because it’s not.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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