Rand Paul and Maher Rail Against Drug War, Tussle over Climate Change

Yes, it happened: Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and Bill Maher had a frank, yet friendly discussion about major issues on Maher’s show on Friday night.

Acknowledging that Paul was “the one Republican who was willing to go to places where Republicans don’t usually speak,” Maher still asked him about a variety of liberal talking points, such as climate change, criminal justice reform, American foreign policy, and the drug war.

Notably, Paul softened his isolationist stance against US involvement in the fight against ISIS, explaining he now believed the terrorist group had become a legitimate threat and that he would, if he were President, ask Congress to approve intervention.

“Every time we talk about toppling a secular dictator, chaos has ensued and radical Islam has become more of a threat,” he said, adding that this pattern made him vote against sending arms to the Syrian civil war. “Why now I’ve decided to do something is that ISIS is now a threat to our embassy and to our consulate, and I do think we need to defend American interests, and there are lines that occasionally have to be drawn.”

Watch below via HBO:

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