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Rep. Issa, Bob Schieffer Take On Benghazi Witness’ Testimony Contradicting Admin’s Storyline

On this week’s Face the Nation, Bob Schieffer tackled “the story that just won’t go away.” Benghazi. Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) joined Schieffer to discuss the investigation into the original review — as well as the witnesses who some say were intimidated into not coming forward. Schieffer offered glimpses of investigators’ interview with one of those witnesses.

Schieffer questioned why administration officials would run with a storyline (the attack grew out of a protest) when officials in Libya had completely different information about the situation immediately. Issa underlined that as being a central question, but noted that they haven’t been able to decipher a motivation behind the administration’s actions.

At various points throughout the segment, Schieffer offered excerpts from an interview with Gregory Hicks, a diplomat who told investigators he thought the attack was “a terrorist attack from the get-go.” He added that “everybody in the mission” thought that too. Hicks is one of the witnesses called to testify this week before the House Oversight Committee.

Issa further said that a possible coverup may be involved, in regard to the requests for additional security — but that it’s likely something bigger than that. “The war on terror is very much alive,” he asserted, mentioning officials who may want to downplay concerns.

Schieffer later revisited UN Ambassador Susan Rice‘s Sunday show appearances, including the one on Face the Nation — during which she contradicted the Libyan president who said the attack was pre-planned. Hicks said his “jaw hit the floor” when he saw that appearance, further adding that he was embarrassed. “I never reported a demonstration: I reported an attack on the consulate,” he said.

“Clearly, there was a political decision to say something different than what was reasonable to say,” Issa remarked. “Ambassadors know that the one thing you don’t do is contradict your host. Especially at a time when you need their cooperation. This was a fatal error to our relationship, at least for a period of time, and we can’t find a purpose.”

The Accountability Review Board’s investigation, Issa added, is questionable because it doesn’t answer mention questions, nor does it hold many people accountable. It “left us with more questions than answers.”

Take a look, via CBS:

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