Darrell Issa

Darrell Issa on Fox: I Know Jason Chaffetz is ‘Paid By Fox,’ But He ‘Didn’t Do Any Oversight’ on Oversight Committee

GOP Rep. Issa: ‘Nobody’s Going to be Surprised’ If Trump Lied About Russia Meeting

Race to the Midterms: Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Tonight’s Key House and Senate Races

Darrell Issa Says Rubio ‘Was My First Choice’ When Voter Confronts Him About Fear of Trump

CNN’s Dana Bash to Issa: Do You Want Trump to Campaign for Your Reelection?

Darrell Issa Clarifies Remarks on Special Prosecutor: We May Need One ‘At Some Point’

GOP Rep. Darrell Issa: There Should Be a Special Prosecutor for Russia Investigation

‘That’s Deflection!’: CNN’s Costello Pushes Back on Rep. Darrell Issa Over Travel Ban

‘How Is That Leadership?’: CNN’s Keilar Grills Darrell Issa on Trump’s Russia Doubts

‘He Is Just Guessing, or Flat Wrong’: CNN’s Cuomo Battles Darrell Issa on Trump Voter Fraud Claims

Your Critics Would Say You’re Being Hypocritical: Blitzer Pushes GOP Rep Over Support of Petraeus

Congressman Darrell Issa Explains Why It’s Ironic Fidel Castro Died on Black Friday

Issa: Trump’s ‘Show of Compassion’ Doesn’t Mean He Won’t Allow Clinton Investigations

Obama Mercilessly Mocks GOP Rep for ‘Shameless’ Attempt to Praise Him Now

Trey Gowdy Defends Kicking Darrell Issa out of Benghazi Deposition

America’s Richest Congressman: Our Poor Are the ‘Envy of the World’

Dem Rep. to Issa: You’re Not Going to Find a Benghazi ‘Stand Down’ Order in Hillary’s Emails

IRS Investigation Finds No Link to White House, Faults Admin for Lack of Cooperation

Cummings to Issa on His Last Day: ‘You’ve Made Me a Better Person’

Issa Likens Obama Actions to Trail of Tears, Marching America to Death

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