Rep. Jim Jordan Tells an Astounded Anderson Cooper That He Has Never Heard Trump Lie


Anderson Cooper had a grueling sparing match with Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) last night in which the CNN anchor grilled the congressman over Donald Trump‘s penchant for lying.

The two were holding a conversation about James Comey‘s recent comments — during which Jordan argued that the former FBI director’s credibility is shot because of his conduct in office. To that point, Cooper replied, “You got to admit, this president has said things which are just demonstrably not true time and time again. The list is a very long one, almost on a daily basis.”

Jordan deflected — bringing up the recent report about Andrew McCabe‘s lies under oath, and Cooper noted that he was being much more bold in calling out the deputy FBI director than in calling out Trump. Jordan said Trump has always been “square with me,” but Cooper pressed on by asking if the president ever lied to the American people.

From there, well…here’s the transcript:

Jordan: “The American people elected him President of the United States.”

Cooper: “Have you ever heard the president lie? That’s what I’m asking you.”

Jordan: “I have not. And the American people feel like what the treatment he has received from the top…”

Cooper: “I’m asking you, just yourself, have you heard the president lie?”

Jordan: “I have not.”

Cooper: “Really? So when the Washington Post counts hundreds and hundreds of times, none of those are believable to you?”

Jordan tried to turn it around by asserting that Cooper probably said something that wasn’t completely accurate at one point or another. Cooper responded by saying that he would apologize and correct the record in any such instance, and he asked Jordan whether Trump has done anything like that.

Watch above, via CNN.

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