Roger Stone Flips Out on Mueller Probe and FBI Arrest: ‘These Are Gestapo Tactics’


Longtime Trump ally and friend Roger Stone was arrested and indicted last week, and the dramatic footage of the FBI raid caught on camera by CNN has been the subject of criticism on Fox News and other Trump-aligned outlets over the last few days, and by Stone himself Sunday morning.

On This Week, Stone told host George Stephanopoulos that Robert Mueller‘s office was using “Gestapo tactics” in order to poison the jury well against him.

“Well, I must tell you, George, I think the way I was treated on Thursday is extraordinary, I think the American people need to hear about it” said Stone, getting the day of his arrest incorrect.

“I’m 66 years old. I don’t own a firearm. I have no prior criminal record. My passport has expired. The Special Counsel’s office is well aware of the fact that I’m represented. The idea that a 29-member S.W.A.T. Team in full tactical gear with assault weapons would surround my house, 17 vehicles in my front yard, including two armored vehicles, a helicopter overhead. amphibious vehicles in the back where my house backs onto a canal, that I would open the door looking down the barrel of assault weapons, that I would be frog-marched out front barefooted and handcuffed when they simply could have contacted me,” said Stone. “I think people need to know about that.”

“As you know it’s pretty standard for that to happen,” Stephanopoulos claimed. “They were concerned —”

“No, it’s not,” Stone objected.

“Let me just, that’s what our Justice Department people say–” Stephanopoulos went on.

“Not standard at all,” Stone continued to object.

“They were concerned you were a flight risk and you might tamper with evidence. They were concerned you might destroy evidence and they did that,” Stephanopoulos argued. “And even by your own testimony, by your own admission, said that the FBI agents were courteous.”

“Let me address that if I may,” said Stone. “First of all, I was released on a surety bond on my own signature, which is evidence that I was not a flight risk. And secondarily, I’ve been under investigation for two years. I have destroyed nothing. But if I were going to destroy evidence, wouldn’t I have done it a long time ago? They could have simply have called my lawyers and I would have turned myself in.”

“This was an expensive show of force to try to depict me as public enemy number one, the ‘OG’, to attempt to poison the jury pool,” he said. “These are Gestapo tactics.”

Criticism of the FBI is nothing new in Trump circles, and the characterizations of Mueller and his office as being engaged in acts of evil are increasingly common as well.

For example, on Fox News Channel, Jeanine Pirro this weekend said that Mueller is like “a dictator.” Also on Fox, Federalist columnist Mollie Hemingway has used the term “Stalinist” for the Special Counsel, and just weeks ago, Trump personal attorney Rudy Giuliani all but accused Mueller of literal torture.

In that context, Stone invoking Nazism isn’t especially outside the norm of Trump-world commentary about the investigation. Or as Trump still Tweet shouts from time-to-time, the:

Watch the clip above, courtesy of ABC News.

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