Roll Call‘s Morton Kondracke On Sarah Palin: “She’s A Joke Within Her Own Party’

Morton Kondracke is the Executive Editor and columnist for the non-partisan Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call and recently spoke during a election analysis that appeared on CSPAN. Oh, he also believes that, apart form Pelosi and Obama, the people who were hit hardest in the midterm elections were…wait for it…Jim DeMint and Sarah Palin. Of course!

Politico’s On Media blog sums up:

At the Roll Call/CQ election analysis session at the Ronald Reagan Building this morning, Roll Call Executive Editor and Fox News contributor Mort Kondracke blamed Sarah Palin and Jim DeMint for Republican failure to capture the Senate.

“The people who got slapped the hardest in this election — besides Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama — are Jim DeMInt and Sarah Palin,” he said. “Jim DeMint and Sarah Palin are responsible for the fact that the Senate did not go Republican. They’re the ones who are responsible for Christine O’Donnell. They’re the ones who are responsible for Joe Miller in Alaska. They’re the ones who are responsible for Ken Buck in Colorado. They’re the ones who are responsible for Sharron Angle in Nevada.”

Then Kondrake discussed whether Palin could be the 2012 nominee: “She’s a joke even within her own party,” Kondrake said. “The idea that she would be the presidential nominee is unthinkable.”

Watch the video from CSPAN below:

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