Ronna McDaniel Explains Controversial Tweet Criticizing Her Uncle Mitt: ‘Nothing to Do With Family’


RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel explained her tweet defending President Donald Trump after her uncle, incoming Senator Mitt Romney, published a harsh criticism of Trump’s character in a New Year’s Day Washington Post Op-Ed.

In a discussion with Fox & Friends co-host Steve Doocy, McDaniel explained what many saw as an awkward dynamic in which she defended the president against what she called an “attack” from an “incoming Republican freshman senator.”

“I love my uncle,” she proclaimed, adding “My tweet yesterday had nothing to do with family.”

She then went on to explain “I would have done this any freshman incoming senator and I would have said hey, let’s focus on the real issues here which are the Democrats that are proposing dangerous policies for our country.”

McDaniel’s tweet yesterday drew attention for her apparent choice to defend President Trump over Senator-elect Romney’s attack on the character of Commander in Chief. McDaniel’s tweet”

Many noted the interesting tribal dynamic at play in which McDaniel defended the President she serves as RNC chair over her own bloodline. (McDaniel is the daughter of Mitt Romney’s brother Scott Romney.)

In an appearance with Jake Tapper on Wednesday, Senator-elect Romney said he understood her niece’s tweet and had no problem with her just doing her job.

Watch the segment above, courtesy of Fox News.


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