Rose McGowan Tears Up on The View Describing How Her Sister Pretended They Weren’t Related


Sexual harassment and assault doesn’t just affect the survivor; it affects everyone around them, and sometimes, the survivor’s inner circle can exacerbate the harm.

Actress Rose McGowan visited The View to talk about her new memoir, Brave, which details, in part, her sexual assault claims against disgraced media mogul Harvey Weinstein.

When discussing the abuse, panelist Sunny Hostin asked McGowan a poignant question: “In those quiet moments, when you think about your life over the last 20 years, and what this has done to your life what’s been the most difficult part for you?”

McGowan, moved to tears by the question, replied: “My sister. And she didn’t mean it in a bad way… But when people asked her if she was related to me, she would say ‘no.'”

“The media largely at almost every major media place was bought by him, different people there, and they were paid,” McGowan explained. “I was number one on his target list for 20 years to smear me and create this false identity of like a crazy, off-balanced woman which is what they do to all of us.”

“She didn’t believe it,” McGowan said in her sister’s defense. “I just came with so much baggage.”

Back in October, when the Weinstein allegations were made public, McGowan tweeted to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos alleging that the head of Amazon Studios is complicit in her rape:

Watch above, via ABC.

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