Roy Moore Spox Makes Staggering Claim: ‘1 in 15 Billion Chance’ There Was Not Election Fraud


Even though Roy Moore has been defeated and the Alabama senate election is over, that didn’t stop campaign spokeswoman Janet Porter from joining CNN today for a wild interview about his attempts to challenge the election results.

Porter spoke to Dana Bash, and she defended her boss by insisting her team has evidence and experts lined up to prove major voter fraud swung the election. “In other words,” Porter said, “this election was fraudulent, and what we need to do is ask the secretary of state to do his job and to investigate this.”

As Bash and Porter cycled through the election integrity officials mentioned in Moore’s court documents, the CNN host noted that Moore cited an anti-semitic conspiracy theorist known for spouting fringe views about 9/11. When Bash said that this presents a major credibility concern, Porter accused her of ignoring other evidence of supposed improper conduct in the election.

Porter continued to defend Moore’s cited experts while accusing Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill of violating federal law by destroying evidence that the election’s voter integrity was compromised.

“It’s not about who is elected. It’s about making sure the people of Alabama have the right to make that decision,” Porter said, noting that the evidence said there was a “1 in 15 billion chance” that the election did not contain fraud. “If I was secretary of state, I would like to get to the bottom of it no matter who it is I supported.”

Bash proceeded to bring up Richard Charnin, another official cited in Moore’s court documents. Charnin has espoused conspiracy theories about the JFK assassination and the death of Seth Rich. Porter brushed off the those views as “irrelevant to the case” though Bash pushed back against her by saying it does matter.

Bash also asked Porter about the polygraph test Moore claims he took in order to refute the underage sexual abuse claims against him. She was particularly interested in whether there were witnesses, and why Moore didn’t take such a test before the election.

Porter agreed that the test should’ve happened earlier, but she said that Moore passed it, the allegations against him are “baseless,” and all of his accusers should’ve been scrutinized in a similar manner. Porter said she wasn’t there for the test, which led Bash asking more questions about the test’s credibility. Of course, Bash once again brought up the “wild claims” of the people Moore has been citing to make his case.

You can watch Porter and Bash’s explosive exchange above, via CNN.

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