Giuliani Insists He’s Not Been Barred from TV Appearances After Flubs

In case you haven’t noticed, Rudy Giuliani has been absent from cable news recently sparking rumors that President Donald Trump‘s lawyer was banned from the airwaves after his numerous on-air flubs.

At least three of Axios‘ sources confirmed to the outlet, that indeed, after Giuliani’s Jan. 20th hits, Trump and his lawyer Emmet Flood griped about Giuliani’s airtime. One source even suggested it was Trump himself who wanted Giuliani sidelined.

Yet, when asked about his lack of television appearances in recent days, Giuliani told Axios’ Jonathan Swan that he hasn’t heard any complaints about his television appearances.

Giuliani then called Swan — who had been talking to him via text —  to give this reason for him not being on television: “About a month to a month and a half ago we decided, because we thought the Mueller report was imminent in the next four or five days, that it would be better not to comment until the report was filed or made public…Obviously, those days have now expanded way beyond four or five days.”

He added that he was really staying off television “not to upset the apple cart” or create additional friction with the Mueller team.

Watch Giuliani’s Jan. 20 interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, above

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