Rula Jebreal: U.S. Media Challenges Netanyahu Less Than Israeli Media Does


Former MSNBC foreign policy analyst Rula Jebreal told CNN’s Chris Cuomo Tuesday morning that the western media was more acquiescent to the Israeli viewpoint than even the Israeli media. Cuomo defended the western press, arguing that CNN hosted diverse viewpoints and had often challenged official narratives.

“You did this in the Ukraine,” Jebreal said, referring to Cuomo’s reporting from the crash site of MH17. “That was important. You challenged Russian officials and local officials on what is the end game there, why this plane was shot down. Aren’t these fair questions to ask the Israelis?”

“They definitely are, I just think we happen to be asking them,” Cuomo said, noting that media outlets had received criticism for showing images of Palestinian casualties, leading to accusations that they were anti-Israel. He added: “I wonder how much of your frustration with the coverage is a function of your own feelings.”

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“Look, no doubt, I am Palestinian, I am Israeli, but my criticism comes from the fact that I think sometimes, especially in previous conflicts, we really failed our audiences,” Jebreal said, reminding Cuomo of the American media’s complicity in the weapons of mass destruction narrative. “We don’t challenge them on the settlements, we don’t challenge them on many other issues where Israeli press itself challenges Bibi Netanyahu and his government.”

“You have to be careful with the word we,” Cuomo countered. “Just as you can generalize on how things are done wrong on the government side, you have to be specific on who you’re talking about in the media.”

Watch the clip below, via CNN:

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