comScore S.E. Cupp on Joy Reid’s 2007 ‘Baghdad John’ Blog: ‘Sounds Like She has an Ambien Problem’

S.E. Cupp on Joy Reid’s 2007 ‘Baghdad John’ Blog: ‘Sounds Like She has an Ambien Problem’

On Thursday, HLN’s S.E. Cupp suggested that Joy Reid‘s recently uncovered “Baghdad Bob” blog post may be due to an “Ambien” problem.

The October 2007 post was uncovered by Buzzfeed News on Thursday and includes a photoshop of Sen. John McCain‘s head over the body of the 2007 Virginia Tech shooter.

The post is titled, “Baghdad John Strikes Again.”

Responding to the latest problematic blog for Reid, Cupp noted it wasn’t the first time blogs have caused problems for Reid:

[Joy Reid] published an image of Senator John McCain’s head photoshopped on to the body of Virginia Tech shooter Seung-Hui Cho in 2007 on her controversial, now defunct blog. This after it was revealed she once raised conspiracy theories about September 11th on that blog…Last month, Reid came under fire for homophobic comments she allegedly made on that same blog, after initially claiming she’d been hacked and calling on the FBI to investigate, later she sort of admitted she might have written those things. We’re still unsure. And NBC doesn’t seem to mind that. Now, that follows the initial discovery of a sort of offensive post which she did admit to writing. Got all that?

She then concluded, “sounds like she has an Ambien problem,” referring, of course, to Roseanne Barr‘s post-racist tweet excuse, before suggesting unlike Barr, Reid will keep her job because she’s a liberal.

Watch above, via HLN.

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