Samantha Bee: McConnell and Ryan are ‘Every Bit as Compromised by Russia as Trump’ and ‘They Haven’t Been Peed On’


On Wednesday night, Samatha Bee had a lot to say about not only President Donald Trump‘s remarks at the Helsinki summit but the “shocked” reactions from the GOP and the media.

She first took aim at Congressional Republicans, citing the reactions of Senators John McCain, Ben Sasse, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell who all condemned Trump’s performance alongside Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“These guys knew all this already!” Bee reacted. “Trump wasn’t doing new material, he was just doing his greatest hits. Being surprised to hear them is as crazy as going to a Lou Bega concert and being surprised to hear ‘Mambo No. 5.’”

The Full Frontal host singled out Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) for reportedly laughing about Russia’s meddling in the election… during the election.

“There are things they could do to protect the republic from the bronzer stain Trump is leaving on it. Republicans could make sure that our next elections aren’t vulnerable to Russian hacks, which approximately no one is doing. They could also pass a bill to protect the Mueller investigation. You know, like the one Mitch McConnell killed in the Senate and Paul Ryan said wasn’t necessary,” Bee said. “Republican leaders are every bit as compromised by Russia as Trump. Actually, they’re worse. McConnell and Ryan have so far put up with whatever Putin wants and as far as we know, they haven’t been peed on by anyone.”

She also called out folks at MSNBC and CNN, telling them “no one in your profession” should being “this shocked the fiftieth time someone does something.”

“No one who works for me was shocked by it and most of us spent thousands of dollars on improv classes! We are not bright people!” Bee exclaimed. “How can you be shocked by the president saying the exact same thing he’s said countless times before?”

Watch the clip above, via TBS.

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