Scarborough Defends Trump Amid Calls For Financial Transparency: ‘Why Are His Taxes Relevant?’


This morning, Joe Scarborough again appeared to be defending Donald Trump making the argument that the Republican frontrunner would have no reason to release his tax information despite increasing calls for it. This comes just a day after Mitt Romney, the 2012 party nominee for the GOP, indicated that a “bombshell” secret may lie in the real estate mogul’s tax history.

The Morning Joe host equated Trump’s tax information to the calls to release Hillary Clinton‘s Wall Street transcripts from previously paid speeches. Scarborough said, “‘If the Republicans want to release their speeches then I’ll release my speeches’, Hillary said and that seems very fair. With Donald Trump I’d say the same thing. You know, ‘If everybody wants to release their taxes then I’ll release them. But why should I?'”.

Scarborough has found himself backpedaling in recent weeks after headlines have indicated a somewhat cozy relationship with Trump directly. After CNN’s Dylan Byers noted that Scarborough and MJ cohost Mika Brzezinski were in Trump’s hotel room the night of the New Hampshire primary returns, a hot mic caught the candidate asking Brzezinski to go easy on questions at a recent Town Hall.

Scarborough justified his logic, saying, “Mitt Romney’s taxes were relevant because people wanted to see if he paid 14%, 15%, 16%. Why are Donald Trump’s taxes relevant other than so people in New York City can dig through them who have been saying that he’s not worth $10 billion for a year and just look at it for their own excitable interest?”.

When guest Steve Rattner suggested that perhaps the real estate titan has figured out ways to pay very low, or even skip, paying taxes altogether for his massive properties, Scarborough seemed to rely on his Manhattan-Beltway rumor mill to justify his stance on the Trump tax issue. “That hasn’t been an issue with Donald Trump here,” which Scarborough just seems to know isn’t a big deal simply because, “I haven’t heard anybody bring it up”.

Watch the above clip from MSNBC’s Morning Joe.
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J.D. Durkin is the Senior Editor of Mediaite.

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