Scarborough Kept Trying to Hold Mika’s Hand on Morning Joe Today: ‘We Just Crossed a Line’


It is no secret that Morning Joe host’s Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough are romantically involved. The duo announced their engagement last May and, since then, their pending nuptials have become the butt of the joke in several SNL skits.

Still, the pair tends to keep their budding romance off television screens. There is news to report, after all, and punditry to be espoused.

That changed today, when Scarborough kept trying to hold Brzezinski’s hand throughout the taping, going as far as to say “we just crossed a line.”

It all started during a far-reaching interview with author Rick Perlstein, who, in a cringeworthy segment, suggested that Scarborough was not letting Brzezinski speak her piece.

After the segment ended, Scarborough turned to Brzezinski to make sure she had said everything she wanted to say, taking off his glasses and issuing a mea culpa.

“If you want to say something it’s important to me,” he said, asking Brzezinski to expound on an earlier thought regarding Sen. Kamala Harris. “I think you’re right. You’re always right, though. Have you ever not been right, sweetie?”

That’s when he went in for a live on-air hand hold, much to his fiancé’s chagrin.

“Oh God. Don’t do that. That’s a no,” she exclaimed.

As the panel laughed, Scarborough announced “We haven’t really done that since we’ve been engaged.”

Later in the show, Scarborough again tried to hold Brzezinski’s hand after she expressed frustration over TK.

“No! You cannot hold my hand!” Mika exclaimed.

As they ended the show and tossed off to Stephanie Ruhle, Scarborough asked if Brzezinski’s swift denial of his on-air romantic gesture meant anything negative for their relationship.

“I’m curious. If you’re engaged to somebody and they don’t even let you, like, hold their hand, should I concerned? Should that be a panic? He asked.

Ruhle responded by reminding him that married couples usually grow sick of one another and tend to very rarely hold hands, so it is just a sign of things to come.

“You know what marriage is like,” she said. “Nobody who is married to you ever wants to hold your hand. It’s a precursor for what the rest of your life is gonna look like.”

Ain’t love grand?

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