Scarborough Roasts John Bolton Over Iraq War: ‘He’s That Japanese Soldier Who Still Thinks WW2 is Going On’


Joe Scarborough took aim at President Donald Trump’s incoming national security adviser John Bolton on Morning Joe Tuesday, mocking the hawkish Republican diplomat for his continued support of the Iraq War.

Scarborough pointed out that Trump ran a campaign in which he railed against the Iraq War as a costly mistake, and the MSNBC host argued the selection of Bolton “goes against everything Donald Trump, once again, promised working class voters.”

“He called getting into Iraq the stupidest thing the United States had done,” Scarborough continued. “And he hires a guy who may be the last Japanese soldier on a Pacific island in 1957 fighting World War II.”

“He is that Japanese soldier that still thinks World War II is going on. He still believes that the United States did the right thing in invading Iraq when everybody else will now say including myself who supported the war at the beginning, and 70% of Americans who supported the war at the beginning, it was an unmitigated disaster.”

Richard Haas, president of the Council on Foreign Relations, agreed that the Iraq War was “an unmitigated disaster,” and wondered if Trump “is actually familiar with many of the positions of John Bolton.”

Bolton, who supported the Iraq War heartily during the Bush administration, said in 2015 that he “still [thought] the decision to overthrow Saddam was correct.”

“I think decisions made after that decision were wrong, although I think the worst decision made after that was the 2011 decision to withdraw U.S. and coalition forces,” he hedged.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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