Scarborough Slams Fox News for ‘Fomenting a Constitutional Crisis’: ‘Could Lead to Violence’


MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough slammed Fox News for its coverage of Robert Mueller’s special investigation into the Trump campaign’s Russia ties, after the network likened the probe to a “coup” over the weekend.

After arguing that the Trump administration has not learned from the defeat of Roy Moore in Alabama, Scarborough said that his supporters “get on state-run TV” (a veiled jab at Fox News) and call on the president to fire Mueller, “something that the overwhelming majority of Americans believe would launch a constitutional crisis.”

Mike Barnicle brought up Fox News’s weekend segment suggesting the Russia investigation is tantamount to an anti-Trump “coup.”

“Not only that, but using state-run TV, and employing the word ‘coup,’ which is a truly dangerous word to employ,” Barnicle said.

“Who’s running Fox News by the way?” asked Scarborough.

“Donald Trump,” Barnicle quipped.

“I have stayed away from criticizing Fox News for years, for a lot of different reasons,” Scarborough continued. “But you see the irresponsibility, especially this weekend. Fox News — let me say this — they are fomenting a constitutional crisis by suggesting to people watching Fox News in middle America, that somebody is attempting a coup, a coup against our government.”

Barnicle added that “coup” is defined as a “violent overthrow or altering of an existing government by a small group,” claiming “that’s what they’re pushing about a fact-finding, truth-seeking mission.”

“Let us be very clear, that was set up by Donald Trump’s own administration, his own Justice Department, his own attorney general, his own deputy attorney general,” Scarborough said. “This is called the rule of law, this wasn’t the ‘deep state,’ this was Donald Trump’s state.”

“What they are doing could lead to violence and what they are doing is about as deeply irresponsible than anything I’ve ever seen.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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