Sean Hannity Bashes Media for ‘Politically Expedient’ Calls to Revisit Clinton Misconduct


Sean Hannity used his monologue tonight to declare that Senator Al Franken‘s misconduct scandal reveals the media’s “feigned moral outrage” when it comes to sexual accusations against Democratic figures.

The opener started with a focus on the second accuser who is saying Franken inappropriately touched her during a photo-op. As he cycled through all the objectionable quips “creepy” Franken has made over the years, Hannity proceeded to bash media figures for not condemning him strongly enough for his actions.

“It just shows how low the mainstream media Democrats are willing to go to defend people that suit their ideology,” said Hannity.”

Of course, all roads lead back to the Clintons, so Hannity inevitably started bashing the media for being “willing accomplices” to the former president and allowing him to get away with his transgressions and alleged sexual abuse. Hannity also critiqued the press for waiting until the Clintons were no longer politically important to try holding them accountable on this front.

“The only reason now some of the political world are finally starting to acknowledge what he did is because Bill and Hillary Clinton are no longer important. So now that it’s politically expedient, now that they can’t hurt them – the Clintons that is – members of the media are only beginning to start to call out the deplorable behavior, so it’s not about principle for them.”

While he briefly acknowledged the emerging news tonight, Hannity surprisingly declined to direct the bulk of his criticisms towards CBS’ Charlie Rose and NYT’s Glenn Thrush over their alleged misbehavior.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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