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Sean Hannity Confronts Mnuchin Over ‘Garbage’ in Coronavirus Aid Package: ‘That Angers Me’

Fox News primetime host Sean Hannity expressed frustration Wednesday night while interviewing Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin because funding from the Coronavirus aid package would go to the National Endowment for the Arts.

Hannity began, “I can tell you that the American people, they’ve been very clear to me. They understand their fellow Americans are in need, and they want them to be made whole. In other words, get your salary, pay your rent, pay your mortgage, pay your car payment, get your groceries, get your medicines, whatever you need. Life stays normal for this interim period, again, through no fault of your own. But this idea that you’re going to make more money unemployed, that angers my audience.”

The Fox News host then floated, “That angers me, too. Why couldn’t somebody just show a paystub and that’s the money you’re going to get?”

Mnuchin then responded that it angers him equally as much.

“Sean, you’re right. It angers me, too. But the problem is, you know, the states have computer systems in unemployment that are 35 years old. And, unfortunately, we need to get the money out fast we couldn’t reprogram these things. So, the simplest way was and the fairest way was, $600 per person in certain states that may be a little bit too much money. In other states, it’s less. It’s not a perfect system. But the president’s objective was to make sure we get money in people’s hands. And as I said, you know, waiting four months to reprogram systems, that doesn’t do us any good. So, Lindsey is perfectly right. I know he’s talking about, you know, in the ideal world, we’d correct this. You know, it’s — our focus was delivering money quickly to the American public.”

Hannity then asked, “And they’re willing to let those Americans suffer and wait so they can get all of this crap for the National Endowment for the Arts and, what, the Kennedy Center, all of this other garbage. That ever happened to you in business? Because usually when I do business deals, it’s got to be win and win. That’s not win and win.”

“That seems like a gun to your head,” Hannity added. 

Mnuchin fired back, “Sean — when I do business deals, it’s win and win. But, you know, here, we needed bipartisan support. There was a price to pay.” 

“And I agree with you, I’d rather be sending that money to hospitals than sending that money to the Kennedy Center. Nothing against the Kennedy Center, but this is about the coronavirus,” the secretary continued. 

Watch above, via Fox News.

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