Sean Spicer on Trump’s Alleged Sexual Misconduct: ‘All Allegations Should be Treated Seriously’


Sean Spicer — the former White House press secretary who resigned over the summer — said during a conversation on the numerous sexual misconduct accusations that have been leveled against his old boss President Donald Trump by saying that “all allegations” should be taken seriously.

The ex-administration official made the comments during a Fox Business appearance after host Maria Bartiromo brought up the claims against Trump while discussing recently fired Today Show host Matt Lauer.

“I would say that all allegations should be treated seriously. I think we can’t dismiss people who make those,” Spicer said.

He continued, saying, “I also believe that we need to make sure that we do give people — we are a country of due process.” Spicer went on to suggest that elected officials should face a trial or committee before losing their positions, as they cannot be dealt in the same ways that employees of private companies can.

“It’s not as clear-cut in the cases of elected officials in the sense that in a private company just a matter of employment can be dealt with at the HR,” he said.

While the accusations against Trump have been largely ignored since his election, they recently re-entered the news cycle as sexual misconduct has taken center stage. Just prior to his election, the president was accused by over a dozen women of harassment or sexual assault.

These accusers came forward after Trump’s Access Hollywood tape was leaked in which admitted to sexually “grabbing” women without their consent. However, Trump has vehemently denied all these accusations — and according to the New York Times, has even begun doubting the authenticity of the Access Hollywood tape.

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