See the Fox News Graphic Intro About the Trump Family With Eerie North Korea Undertones


People who tuned in to watch Greta Van Susteren on Thursday may have been struck by a rather odd introduction to a segment that heavily featured the entire Trump clan.

Graced by the words, “Meet the Trumps” that looked more like a wacky Hollywood family roadtrip comedy than a cable news segment, the introduction featured rotating dramatic graphics and close-ups of the Donald, his wife Melania Trump, a split-screen graphic of the three main kids (poor Tiffany and Barron) before cutting to Van Susteren’s intro.

“It’s time to meet the Trumps!” Van Susteren says calmly in a voice that could easily double as a rendition of a game show opening. “And now Melania Trump takes us inside the Trump penthouse in Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue,” she concluded.

It’s frighteningly hard not to notice the epic subservient nature of Fox News’ whole cult of personality vibe with this particular graphic choice. It truly is reminiscent of footage we see out of Pyongyang, North Korea: adorned gold tapestries and photos dedicated to honoring Kim Il-sung and his family. Triumphant music plays in the Fox News segment as well, the exact type of processional tune you’d expect an arena full of North Koreans to eagerly cheer to as the DPRK supreme leader comes out to take his seat among his people. If the juche principle of self-reliance is the foremost lesson taught to North Koreans, then the American people are being spoon fed a healthy dose of winning through media graphic presentations like this.

With editing like this, it feels like just a matter of time until Fox News tells us that President Donald Trump is mandating the whole country emulate his hair style.

Many people on Twitter took notice; The Blaze‘s Oliver Darcy spotted the confusing segment, and took to social media to share his disbelief, writing, “Seriously, what the hell is this?”

What do you think of the intro? I don’t know about you, but with a presentation like this, I’m suddenly very afraid to vote for anyone other than Trump this November.

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