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Sen. Harry Reid: Republicans Can’t Listen To The ‘Radical, Unrealistic’ Tea Party

Democratic Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid spoke yesterday about what he believes to be the Tea Party’s harmful influence on budget discussions. Reid predicts that as the economy improves, the Tea Party will fade out. However, until they are gone, he is not happy to have to deal with their criticism.

Reid has some sympathy for Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner, since:

“He’s getting a lot of pressure from the Tea Party folks to dig in his heels, even if it hurts and destroys the recovery that we have going now. What’s worse, the country doesn’t care much about the Tea Party.”

Reid cites some polls that suggest more than 50% of people think negatively of the Tea Party and that only a small percent identify with them. Reid hopes that “the Republican leadership recognize that they can’t continue be pulled to the right by the radical, unrealistic, unreasonable . . . faction – the Tea Party” and concludes that “if people want to move the country forward they can’t let the Tea Party call the shots.”

Given that Reid calls the Tea Party “radical” and Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer recently referred to the Tea Party as “extreme,” it seems if calling the Tea Party names is the best Democratic response in the budget battle, then might Reid want to be more concerned about giving the Democratic leadership advice moving forward?

Watch the clip from C-SPAN below:

(h/t Breitbart TV)

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