Seth Meyers Mocks Trump For Reportedly Wanting To Jail Omarosa: You Tried to Fire Her Four Times!


Seth Meyers had some fun regarding the dustup between President Donald Trump in former White House staffer and Apprentice contestant Omarosa Manigault Newman.

According to a report, Trump wanted Attorney General Jeff Sessions to arrest Omarosa.

“You think you could arrest Omarosa?!?” Meyers reacted. “This is a person you tried to fire four times and you still can’t get rid of her! If you threw Omarosa in jail, she would tunnel her way out with a spoon Shawshank style. And when you woke up the next morning, she’s gonna be standing there with a copy of the Russian Pee Tape.”

The Late Night host mocked Trump for wanting to “hire her a fifth time” onto the Trump campaign soon after she was fired from the White House last winter. He also ridiculed Trump’s daughter-in-law Lara Trump over the recording Omarosa released of their conversation showing her calculating the annual income of the $15k/month she was offering to her.

“Maybe next time you’re offering hush money to keep them quiet, do the math before you get on the phone,” Meyers told Lara Trump.

“So first, they hire Omarosa. Then they fired her. Then they try to hire her again to buy her off,” Meyers continued. “This is how Trumpism works. Everyone is conning everyone else.”

Meyers also noted the “rare moment of honesty” from Fox & Friends for saying that the president was “outsmarted” by Omarosa.

“Wow! That’s Trump’s favorite TV show!” Meyers reacted.

Watch the clip above, via NBC (start at the 2:20 mark).

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