Smerconish: ‘Mueller’s Not Listening to Any’ of Trump’s ‘Bluster or Tweets’ on Russia Probe


At the top of his program this morning, CNN host Michael Smerconish addressed recent developments in the Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation and how President Donald Trump has publicly reacted to them. And in his opinion, all of the sound and fury coming from POTUS isn’t impacting Mueller one bit.

“Monday, a huge day. Paul Manafort and his associate Rick Gates surrendered to federal authorities facing charges of tax fraud and money laundering,” Smerconish noted. “And we learned George Papadopoulos lied to federal authorities.”

He continued, “That day the president spoke with former adviser Steve Bannon, reportedly encouraged Trump to take a harder public line with special counsel Robert Mueller. Maybe good political advice, but this was the week the story became more legal than political and while the noise will certainly continue, the outcome of the special counsel’s probe will now be determined by critical thinking and the rules of evidence — not the nightly exchange of competing capable TV narratives. ”

The CNN host went on to discuss how we now seem to see a timeline that “substantiates lots of interaction between Trump campaign and just as hacking was taking place and rolled out to the benefit of the Trump campaign.” He further noted that the remaining question that remains is whether the Trump campaign “aided the hacking.”

After explaining that there is now more scrutiny surrounding assertions made by Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions around their knowledge of Russian contacts with the campaign, Smerconish finished by stating that all the complaints from Trump won’t deter Mueller.

“Throughout the campaign and in the first nine months of President Trump’s administration, his base has supported him regardless of what he says or does,” he said. “With the Russian probe, it seems there will again be no impact of his words or actions, but for the opposite reason. Because no matter the president’s bluster or tweets or capital letters or threats, Mueller’s not listening to any of that.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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