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‘Something’s Wrong With This Guy’: The View Reacts to Trump Saying ‘I Don’t Stand by Anything’

Today, the panelists on The View were visibly stunned when going over Donald Trump‘s abrupt dismissal of journalist John Dickerson after the CBS stalwart asked about the president’s old claim that Barack Obama wiretapped him.

Okay, there’s a lot to take in there. Let’s rewind. Don’t worry — we’re in this together. Trump once insisted Obama “wiretapped” him. The claim was totally unsubstantiated and took over the news cycle pretty predictably. When Dickerson tried to ask Trump about it during a wide-ranging interview, he was promptly shown the door of the Oval Office.

“So when he said he doesn’t stand by anything, I have to say I agree,” quipped Whoopi Goldberg. “Is that something you ever thought you’d here?”

“He stood by Bill O’Reilly. That’s something he stood by,” observed Joy Behar dryly in reference to Trump’s insistence that O’Reilly wasn’t guilty of the sexual harassment he was accused of. (A few days later, O’Reilly was forced out of Fox News because of the allegations.)

Sunny Hostin found a silver lining:

“I do wonder if we’re seeing a shift because he’s that guy that always doubled down in spite of the fact that two congressional investigative committees have found that President Obama did not wiretap this president. The FBI — the head of the agency — has found that Obama did not tap this president. And so I just wonder are we seeing this shift where now he realizes that maybe we know that these are lies and he’s saying, ‘Just take it for what it is.'”

Sara Haines hesitantly pointed out that Trump’s speech pattern was “concerning” because it “rambles like a bit of paranoia and broken thoughts.” Behar added, “Something’s wrong with this guy… There’s something seriously wrong about this man.”

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