Stephen Colbert: If Trump Succeeds at the North Korea Summit, ‘God Bless Him’

Stephen Colbert expressed a tinge of optimism towards President Trump amid his historic summit with North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un.

Colbert’s interview with Chris Matthews began with the MSNBC host piling on the president for feuding with allies at the G-7 summit over the weekend.

“The weird thing is… he was elected leader of the free world and now he’s disbanding it,” Chris Matthews told Colbert. “They’re all the good countries in the world and he sounded like he’s telling them to go to hell. Literally… He wants to make friends with countries where the leaders kill people.”

Matthews then listed the atrocities Kim Jong Un has been accused of like killing his own uncle and his own half brother and also mentioned Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“These are awful people and he wants to become best friends with them,” Matthews added.

And in a surprising turn, Colbert defended the Trump administration’s attitude towards North Korea.

“I can kind of understand with North Korea because you butter up somebody to get them to the negotiating table,” Colbert said. “And if he succeeds, God bless him. If he succeeds in reducing the nuclear threat in North Korea.”

Matthews laughed at the idea of Trump succeeding, but nevertheless, Colbert persisted.

“No, you have to. You have to think the best,” Colbert continued. “You have to hope your president succeeds in that condition.”

“This is not gonna work,” Matthews predicted. “This is not just lunch. No, it’s not gonna work.”

In the end though, Matthews agreed that if it “makes the world safer,” we should all “applaud and move on.”

Watch the clip above, via CBS.

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