Stephen Colbert Slams Tucker Carlson: ‘He’s Nothing If Not a Little Racist Who Could’


Late Show host Stephen Colbert did not hold back when talking about Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Wednesday night.

In fact, he said he’s “nothing if not the little racist who could.”

The comment came while Colbert was talking about Carlson’s controversial immigration remarks that have sparked advertisers pulling out.

“Carlson’s already got a reputation for flirting with racism, but last week, he took it to a racy new level,” Colbert said.

He then aired a clip of Carlson saying immigrants would make America “poorer and dirtier.”

Colbert continued on: “Now if just listening to him say that makes you feel dirty and more divided, you’re not alone. Tucker got a lot of heat for those remarks. But he’s nothing if not a little racist who could, and he came chuggin’ back up that hill on Monday with a new reason he doesn’t like immigrants: He just cares so darn much about the environment.”

The Late Show host then played a second clip of Carlson saying immigrants have degraded the environment with waste and trash.

Colbert noted Americans do that too.

Not quite done, Colbert then slammed Carlson for eschewing the breaking news of the day — the Michael Flynn story — and instead focusing on the “hard news” like his riveting report — complete with a cookie gender expert — on how the War on Christmas has now come down to the Scottish Parliament referring to gingerbread men as gingerbread people instead.

Watch above, via CBS

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