Stephen Miller Questions Biden Plan for Summer Gatherings: JFK Said ‘Put a Man on the Moon,’ Biden Said ‘Eat Barbecue Ribs’ on July 4


Former White House adviser Stephen Miller took a critical view of President Joe Biden’s Covid-19 plan during a Friday interview with his old colleague, Larry Kudlow.

“There was a section of the speech that I truly believe could be one of the least inspiring calls to action in human history,” Miller said of Biden’s Thursday speech. “This was that if we all sacrificed, if we all do our part, if we stay closed, if we suffer, if we struggle, if we sacrifice, if we hurt, then maybe, just maybe, Larry, on July 4, you can have dinner with your own family in your own backyard. I couldn’t believe it.”

Chuckling, Kudlow replied, “You know, without obsessing too much on it, was there a little Jimmy Carter ‘malaise’ speech stuck in there?”

John F. Kennedy said, ‘Let’s put a man on the moon,'” Miller responded. “Donald Trump said, ‘Let’s put a man on Mars.’ Joe Biden says, ‘Let’s see if you can eat barbecue ribs with your own relatives and loved ones on July 4th.’ Larry, people are already having dinner with their own families. Newsflash to the Biden administration, people have been doing that throughout the pandemic with their own family members, for crying out loud.”

Miller served as a senior adviser and speechwriter to President Donald Trump for a portion of the same period that Kudlow served as Trump’s director of the National Economic Council.

Watch above via Fox Business Network.

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