Republican Steve Schmidt: This ‘Administration is Vile, Corrupt, and Likely Criminal’, Trump is Mentally Unfit


Shortly after the New York Times published an op-ed from a senior Trump administration official broadsiding the Trump presidency and questioning POTUS’s fitness for office on Wednesday, former GOP Strategist and MSNBC contributor Steve Schmidt weighed in on Hardball.

He did not hold back.

Instead, he claimed that the NYT op-ed, in addition to the Woodward book, were just two more signs that America was now in crisis and the Trump administration is “corrupt.”

“We are in an hour of national emergency in this country,” Schmidt told host Chris Matthews. “That is evidence by the president’s behavior and erratic behavior that we see in public every day. By the account of this op-ed and of course by Bob Woodward‘s book, a journalist of the highest standards and reputation who has distinguished himself over a lifetime of meticulous reporting.”

He then said this: “We know that this administration is vile, corrupt, and likely criminal. We know that this president is amoral, he is mentally and intellectually unfit for his office.”

Finally,  Schmidt called on the strongest among the resisters inside the administration to come forward.

“The American people deserve to know,” he said. “This vile, immoral, corrupt, indecent, dangerous, intellectually unfit president is a danger to all of us..”

Then after calling on the toughest to speak “truth a moment of crisis,” he hammered his point home.

“The crisis is the political cowardness in the country, acute in the Republican party where not one person will step forward and say enough is enough which is assaults on objective truth, on the rule of law, a liberal democracy. Enough is enough… who will step forward?”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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