Steve Schmidt: When Trump Talks About Being a Law & Order President, ‘He’s Saying He’s Going to Crack Down on Black People’


MSNBC contributor Steve Schmidt went off on President Donald Trump Tuesday night and said that his talk of “law and order” is about sending a message that he’s going to “crack down on black people.”

Schmidt told Stephanie Ruhle it looks right now like Team Trump thinks “the walls are closing in on them,” saying their path to 270 electoral votes is more difficult this time around.

“And you’ve seen his numbers crater on the questions of his handling of Covid, his handling of the racial unrest in the country, the issues of police violence, and so for months now, the American people have been subjected to somebody standing behind the podium talking nonsense, telling people to inject household disinfectants, telling people to drink bleach, telling people that these cases would go away and disappear as if by magic,” he continued.

Ruhle asked about Trump branding himself as the law and order candidate and whether that works with former military officials speaking out against him.

Schmidt said that that branding is Trump sending a message about “crack[ing] down on black people”:

“What Donald Trump is saying when he says he’s a law and order president — and let’s be clear about it — what he’s saying is he’s going to crack down on black people. That’s what he’s saying. And so when he defines law and order as what? Standing on the neck of an African-American for eight minutes? Watching him die on tevision? Does he mean launching violence against peaceful protesters outside the White House so he can walk across to St. John’s and desecrate the Bible? His law and order is the law and order of Bull Connor. It’s the law and order of an age in this country that’s not ever going to come back, but it has very little to do with justice. He has incited, he has divided, he has assaulted the rule of law, he has weakened our essential institutions.”

You can watch above, via MSNBC.

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