Tapper Battles Stephen Miller in Tense Interview: ‘Settle Down, Settle Down. Calm Down’


In the wake of a tumultuous few days for the Trump administration, White House senior policy advisor Stephen Miller showed up on CNN’s State of the Union Sunday morning to respond to the allegations made in Michael Wolff’s new Trump tell-all, Fire and Fury.

After a relatively calm start to the segment, things took off when Miller began lashing out and at both host Jake Tapper and CNN. With Miller having already stated that the book was a grotesque fabrication and dismissing former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, Tapper pressed Miller on his own relationship with Bannon and whether the current Breitbart chief helped get him a job with the Trump campaign.

Miller took that opportunity to attack CNN and Tapper for not foreseeing Trump’s rise to power, leading the CNN host to shoot back that he was sure Trump was “watching and he’s happy you said that.”

“You can be condescending,” Miller responded, adding that it was a “snide remark.”

“Why is that snide?” Tapper asked.

“Look, you can be as condescending as you want, it’s part of your M.O.,” Miller exclaimed, causing Tapper to question why the White House aide was attacking him.

Miller told Tapper that the reason he was attacking him was that CNN has “24 hours of negative anti-Trump hysterical coverage” and “spectacularly embarrassing false reporting.” He then demanded Tapper give him three minutes to tell “the truth about the Donald Trump I know.” Tapper let him know that wasn’t going to happen because “it’s my show and I don’t want to do that.”

The Trump advisor shouted that he had a right to speak, resulting in Tapper to say “Stephen, settle down, settle down. Calm down.” The anchor then attempted to get Miller to address another issue.

Tapper would eventually cut off Miller and end the interview early, claiming that he had “wasted enough of my viewers’ time.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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