‘That is a High Crime!!’ Stephen Miller Rages On Fox That Biden Should Be Impeached for ‘Human Trafficking’


Stephen Miller joined Mark Levin for an interview on Fox News where he claimed House Republicans should impeach President Joe Biden for “human trafficking.”

Miller, who served as special advisor to former President Donald Trump, helped craft Trump’s immigration policy while inside the White House. He has been pushing GOP lawmakers to move forward with articles of impeachment against Biden for family’s foreign business deals.

During his Sunday appearance on Life, Liberty, and Levin, Miller claimed that Biden was directly responsible for the human trafficking and child smuggling occurring on the southern border with Mexico due to his immigration policies.

“What Joe Biden has done with the dissolution of our southern border, the eradication of our national sovereignty, and the suspension of hundreds of pages of duly enacted immigration law satisfies every single condition of impeachment,” Miller told Levin.

He then went on to suggest that Biden is at “war with his own country” and could be impeached for high crimes, including human trafficking.

“Human trafficking is a felony. That is a high crime. If you human trafficking a single individual, you could go to jail for many years,” Miller added. “How many people has Joe Biden trafficked? Millions! How many children has he smuggled into this country? Millions!”

The Republican firebrand continued, “How many people have died as a result of the drugs that he has let in through his willful and deliberate policy choices? Hundreds of thousands. High crime! High crime! High crime! Every one of those is a basis to impeach and remove this man.”

Speaker Kevin McCarthy has moved forward with an impeachment inquiry into Biden over whether he influenced business deals for his son Hunter Biden in Ukraine and China.

Watch the full clip above via Fox News.

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