The View Cracks Up Over Stormy Daniels Comparing Trump’s Penis to Nintendo’s Toad: ‘You Can’t Make This Up’


On Wednesday, The View joined the political observers having a field day over how Stormy Daniels described her alleged sexual encounter with President Trump in her upcoming book.

Late night comics and people in general were taken aback yesterday over an excerpt of Full Disclosure where Daniels compared Trump’s penis to Toad, the mushroom-like character from Nintendo’s Mario franchise. The panel snickered as Whoopi Goldberg brought this topic to the floor, even as she rightfully captured everyone’s feelings when she said “you will never look at Super Mario Kart the same way again.”

“He is wanting so badly to respond to this and he can’t legally,” Abby Hunstman said through laughter. “He’s got to be so frustrated. I don’t think anyone this this country wants to hear anything about President Trump from below the waist, below the belt.”

The panel continued to discuss whether this is a bigger irritation for the president than Robert Mueller‘s probe because of the insult to his ego. Sunny Hostin said the conversation reflects Trump’s impact on the country, saying “when you elect a president whose moral values are in the trash, it takes the moral discussion in our country into the trash.”

“House of Cards could not even come close to the world that we’re living in now,” Huntsman said, getting back in the mix. “You can’t make this up on a TV show.”

“No one would believe this on a TV show,” Goldberg retorted.

Watch above, via ABC.

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