The View Shreds Felicity Huffman’s Plea for Mercy: Poster Child for White Privilege, Should ‘Go to Jail’


Actress Felicity Huffman, last week, sent a letter to the judge ahead of her sentencing this Friday — as she is set to be sentenced for her role in the college admissions scandal.

“In my desperation to be a good mother I talked myself into believing that all I was doing was giving my daughter a fair shot,” Huffman wrote (via CNN). “I see the irony in that statement now because what I have done is the opposite of fair. I have broken the law, deceived the educational community, betrayed my daughter, and failed my family.”

Monday on The View, the panel blasted the former Desperate Housewives star’s plea for mercy in the case.

“She’s arguing really that this is a victimless crime, and it isn’t,” Sunny Hostin said. Because another kid didn’t get into that school. Her kid took a seat that another kid deserved, and that’s the problem.”

She added, “This judge has to send a message to the community that this is not right.”

“She’s rich, she’s entitled, and she tried to game the system,” Joy Behar also noted.

The panel then turned their ire to Huffman’s husband, actor William H. Macy — who also sent a letter of support to the Court.

“[M]otherhood has, from the very beginning, frightened Felicity and she has not carried being a mom easily,” Macy wrote (via The Hollywood Reporter). “She’s struggled to find the balance between what experts say, and her common sense.”

“Welcome to the club, okay?” Behar said dismissively. “Who wrote that speech? It sounds like it came out of Desperate Housewives.”

Meghan McCain likewise tore into Macy and Huffman.

“They are the poster children for what everyone hates about white privilege and she deserves to go to jail,” McCain said.

“The other problem I saw with his letter is he said something about how the FBI came in in the morning with guns drawn and how his other daughter still can’t sleep at night,” Hostin added. “And he sort of makes this argument that we’re not that kind of criminal. And so it’s yet again this sort of privilege, like, don’t treat us like that. Well, you are a criminal. You pled guilty.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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