Trish Regan Condemns Dems for Announcing Impeachment Inquiry Vote So Soon After Baghdadi Raid


Fox Business host Trish Regan condemned House Democrats for announcing a full impeachment vote so soon after the successful raid that resulted in the death of ISIS terrorist leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi: “They could have let this wait a little bit.” Two weeks ago, however, Regan had expressed her frustration at the Democrats’ procedural delay, and hailed the prospect of holding a full House vote on impeachment as a “alleluia” moment.

During a Monday night discussion about the raid with Fox Nation contributor Tomi Lahren and Media Research Center vice president Dan Gainor, Regan criticized both the media coverage and the juxtaposition of the Democrats’ announcement on impeachment just a day after the news of the terrorist leader’s death.

“[The media] can’t bring themselves to cheer because to say that this is a good thing, somehow that justifies Donald Trump being in the Oval Office,” Regan said, before castigating Democrats for trying to steal the president’s limelight. “The other big story going on, Tomi, is the Dems are trying to divert attention away from the extraordinary news that the head of ISIS is taken out under this president. And then they announce they are seeking to move forward on articles of impeachment. We in this business know what they are up to. They could have let this wait a little bit. Or were they that desperate to get right back to impeachment?”

Speaking with Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz two weeks ago, though, Regan sounded more than ready for the full House vote to take place when Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced a press conference on impeachment that ultimately was about something else.

“When I heard the news about this press conference, it was quite possible that she was going to say: ‘Look we have the votes and we’ll have the vote on impeachment.’ I thought ‘Alleluia!, right?” Regan said. “Because that feels like that’s a more democratic, fair process. The president already said, and we can show the viewer here. If it’s a fair process. If they actually took a vote. he would be willing to turn over whatever he needs to turn over.”

Watch the video above, via Fox Business Network.

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