Things Gets Intense on Fox & Friends When Jedediah Bila Calls Pete Hegseth’s Claims of Voter Fraud ‘Dangerous’


Fox & Friends Weekend got unusually heated Saturday morning as Jedediah Bila called out her co-host’s “dangerous” allegations of voter fraud without evidence.

At issue is the baseless claims of voter fraud made by President Donald Trump and his willfully misinforming surrogates. In this instance, Will Cain and Pete Hegseth both make the specious claims that there is voter fraud though they each fail to advance any evidence apart from second-hand claims.

Bila bravely points out on the very pro-Trump opinion show that allegations of systemic voter fraud are very “dangerous” as it undermines many Americans’ trust in our electoral systems. Cain’s rejoinder to that, however, is that the best way to go about restoring the faith is putting out evidence that there is no voter fraud. He did not explain what specific evidence would indicate that no malfeasance happened, raising questions about Cain’s understanding of reason and logic.

Hegseth continued to prattle on how Trump has been victimized with claims of voter dumps and lack of transparency. Again, neglected to offer anything specific, apparently content with the idea that baseless claims that undermine the American democratic systems are totally okay.

The hero in this clip is Bila, not because she does anything anti-Trump. On the contrary, she points out what most Americans feel — the specious and baseless claims of systemic voter fraud presented without evidence are hazardous practices.

Some may even go a step further and call it seditious.

Watch above via Fox News.

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