‘This Guy Got What Was Coming to Him’: Fox News Host Says Chappelle Attacker Deserved to Get Wrecked


Fox News host Julie Banderas said the man who was brutally beaten after allegedly attacking Dave Chappelle in the middle of a comedy show got what he deserved.

Isaiah Lee was charged with felony assault with a deadly weapon, and his bail was set at $30,000, after he tackled the comedian on stage at the Hollywood Bowl. Security chased Lee after he tackled Chappelle — who was not injured in the attack — and footage later showed Lee being loaded into an ambulance with some grim injuries, including a battered face and an arm bent the wrong way.

A motive behind the attack remains unclear, though it came moments after Chappelle joked about needing more security because of the blowback he has faced over jokes deemed transphobic.

On Fox News show Outnumbered, hosts acknowledged the motive in the attack has not been established. Banderas, however, claimed with certainty that Lee was driven by “woke” outrage.

This is the woke going broke. This was someone who was standing by, angry about his Netflix special where he made jokes about trans people. He’s a freaking comedian!

She then argued the accused attacker “got what was coming to him.”

Which goes back to Chris Rock at the Oscars. This guy got what was coming to him. He got good security, thank God. He actually is lucky he didn’t get injured because this guy really pummeled him to the ground. But did you guys see the video of what this guy actually endured? This is what you get when you do stupid stuff. The guy’s arm was literally ripped out of its socket and spun around 180 degrees…That’s what happens when you storm on stage and you break the law all over stupid political things. You gotta get a sense of humor. America needs to get a sense of humor. It’s comedy.

The Chappelle incident has prompted reflection over Will Smith slapping Rock at the Oscars, which Rock actually joked about with Chappelle at the Hollywood Bowl. Former Republican congressman and #OneLuckyGuy Sean Duffy drove this point as he lamented people resorting to violence in lieu of free speech.

Emily Compagno reiterated that the motive remains unknown, even as the panel continued discussing how people who violently attack comedians for their jokes ought to be punished. Banderas got in on this as she groaned about the “double standard” because Lee was arrested and charged with assault while Smith was not (though he is banned from the Oscars for the next 10 years).

Watch above, via Fox News.

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