Trevor Noah Grapples With Rayshard Brooks’ Killing in Emotional Monologue: ‘When Is it Enough?’


An emotional Trevor Noah questioned why Rayshard Brooks was killed over “a law not worth dying for” during a fiery monologue on Monday night, pleading to know when the police shootings would stop.

“As a policeman, if a drunk person does an illogical thing, I feel like you should acknowledge the fact that they’re drunk,” The Daily Show host said. “It doesn’t mean they deserve to die. We know what drunk people do. I’ve been drunk, you’ve been drunk, everyone has been drunk — you don’t deserve to die for being drunk.”

“How long? How much? When is it enough?” Noah asked, during yet another stirring speech following the fatal arrest of a black man.

The host wondered why armed police officers would even be handling a sleeping man in the first place and noted that these are the types of questions people should be demanding answers to.

Noah imagined a better scenario for Brooks, one that included the officers driving the man home to safety instead of shooting him.

“The country’s burning down because of the way black people are dealt with by the police, so let us show you just in a moment that it doesn’t always have to end the way you think it has to end,” Noah wished the officer said. “I’m not saying that they had to do that, but it would have been nice.”

The host addressed that the situation was “f*cking messy” before going after those who point out what the victims could have acted differently to avoid being killed by the police.

“And people always say the same thing,” he said. “’If you didn’t do that, you’d still be alive,’ but the truth is, the ‘ifs’ keep on changing.”

Noah then listed several scenarios of brutality against people of color, from Breonna Taylor who was shot and killed by police officers in her own home last month, to 17-year-old Trayvon Martin and 12-year-old Tamir Rice, pointing out the one common thread between the victims: their race.

“If you didn’t resist arrest, then you’d still be alive,” he said. “Or if you didn’t run away from the cops, you’d still be alive. If you didn’t have a toy gun and were 12 years old in the middle of a park, then you’d still be alive. Well, if you weren’t wearing a hoodie, then you’d still be alive. Well, if you didn’t talk back to the cops, you’d still be alive. If you weren’t sleeping in your bed as a Black woman, you’d still be alive.”

“If you weren’t Black, maybe you’d still be alive,” he added.

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